Traditional Devon  Cider 750ml
Traditional Devon  Cider 750ml

Traditional Devon Cider 750ml

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Traditional Devon Cider 750ml Swing top bottle

Medium Dry Sparkling cider 6% ABV

Solland Farm on the northern edge of Dartmoor has a long and interesting history. Built originally as a medieval hall house. It was confiscated by Henry VIII when and, later formed part of the endowment used by Queen Elizabeth I to fund Kings College Cambridge

Today the Solland Farm orchards grow the finest traditional cider varieties, Ellis Bitter, Dabinette and Michelin as well as much loved Bramleys Seedling

We craft our cider in the time-honoured way.

100% fresh apple juice, no nasty modern flavourings no concentrate. Just fresh pressed cider from

our own apples fermented and bottled on the farm.

Sampford Courtenay Cider

Handmade Devon Cider, made entirely from

the apples grown on our farm.

Home Grown from Blossom to Bottle.

750ml 6.0% ABV