Quickies - Goats Whey butter
Quickies - Goats Whey butter

Quickies - Goats Whey butter

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A delicious alternative to traditional cow's milk butter, with a brilliant white colour and clean, almond flavour.

We make it with locally-sourced goat's milk, carefully churned into beautiful buttery curls using traditional wooded 'scotch hands'.

What is whey butter?

Whey Butter is a by-product of cheese making and is recognised by the Slow Food UK movement as one of the UK’s great ‘forgotten foods’. Unlike ordinary British butter which is produced using fresh milk, the butterfat within whey butter undergoes the initial processes of cheese making. Whey butter has a firm texture and in comparison to fresh butter types is oilier and less shiny. Considered healthier than other types of butter due to having a lower fat content, whey butter is also versatile in the kitchen and can be used for cooking, baking or even simply as a topping.

Why is it forgotten?
Producers of whey butter are rare due to production methods being time-consuming, labour intensive and requiring specific skills that are only known by a limited number of dairymen who take a hands-on approach to butter production.