Grenvilles Revenge 750ml
Grenvilles Revenge 750ml

Grenvilles Revenge 750ml

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Grenville's Revenge keeved cider 75cl

Naturally Sweet Lightly carbonated cider 5% ABV

Born in Bideford in Devon, Sir Richard Grenville was a friend and contemporary of Sir Frances Drake. He achieved lasting fame at the Battle of Flores in 1591. Heavily outnumbered by over 50 Spanish ships, the British fleet retired, all except Sir Richard who attacked, in the Revenge.The battle raged for 15 hours, damaging much of the Spanish fleet. Finally the Revenge, with Sir Grenville mortally wounded, was forced to surrender.

Our Naturally Sweet cider is made using a traditional Devonshire method described by Robert Fraser in 1795. Freshly pressed apple juice is repeatedly racked from the lees, to arrest fermentation, leaving behind some natural sweetness in the cider. No sweetener of any kind is added.

5.0% ABV 750ml cork and wire