Ashridge Court - minced beef per pack

Ashridge Court - minced beef per pack

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A versatile family favourite, Ashridge lean grass fed south Devon Beef Mince has excellent, characterful depth of flavour able to hold its own in all types of dishes.

Perfect for a whole host of family favourites, from homemade burgers to hearty spaghetti bolognese.

Ashridge court farm - Based nr North Tawton.

“Our grass-fed beef comes from our small herd of South Devon cattle who spend as much of their lives as possible grazing in our fields. Reared slowly and allowed to develop naturally, our beef is marbled and well grained. It is then hung for 30 days to further develop its delicious flavour.”

Meat is sold to the approximate weight shown. with the lower weight being the minimum e.g 1.0/1.2 kg will be a minimum of 1.0kg