Welcome to our new website!


And welcome to our new website.


To those of you who have been with us from week 1, way back on 16th March 2020, when the news of the Covid 19 lockdown first hit us, you will have lost count of how many times I have promised that the website upgrades were coming soon - Well here it is at last!

Our new site has been created to offer you more options both in terms of the products we have listed and in the ways in which you can shop.   Check out our gift hamper range and also the seasonal extras we have added.     We hope you enjoy shopping with us and don't forget to let us know in the comments box if there was something you could not find 

Thoughts from Alison.

We launched our first website as a new initiative to help during the crisis; this was undertaken within 24hrs of the lockdown news and everyone was most patient with us as a host of glitches from all the haste were sorted out. We are now in our 35th week as I write this; 35 weeks of madness and uncertainty - I think each and everyone of us deserve praise and admiration, for each one of us has faced unknown struggles and fears during this time and yet despite this, there are so many who are doing amazing things for others despite their own troubles.  It has been so encouraging and inspiring to hear the stories.

For nearly eight months we have all endured the restrictions placed upon us.  None of this is very cheering news and creeping ever nearer is the season of good cheer - what can be done as we head back into the lock down maze of new rules?   This year has been a season where we are finding out what we are made of in this nation.   I believe that in the end, we will still find that the aged, oaken core of British resolve will still support us. So be of good cheer as often as you can... and as the old war posters encouraged us - Carry on.  

I am unashamedly Christian and at least at this time of year I feel it is appropriate to put something of my faith out there.  So here it is:-   Carry on!   A concept that is given flesh in Rom 12: 6 -8 “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is …[7] ... serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; [8] if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.”    We have seen this demonstrated in so many ways over the last year as people rose up to serve and to help others in need. Yes there have been exceptions - a few rough and rude fellows who would tarnish the display; but to date the heartwood of this nation remains true to our (Christianised) westernised civilisation.  Our foundations if you like and at the core of these, is I believe, Love.  Self sacrificing, all embracing, never ending Love. At the end of the day Christmas is a celebration of this type of love. 

During this season I hope that you might find a few extra ways to not only love others; check out our range of gift hampers. We can offer local and national delivery on many of our items and hampers so that you can show your love to someone even if you can’t be there in person. ... but to also remember to love yourself -- don’t forget to add a few “me” treats over the festive season to add a little cheer to your life. As exemplified in WWII, being of good cheer will help you to carry on. 


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  • jose Angel Argüelles

    Hello good day
    My name is Jose Angel and I am a collector of cider labels, I have seen your cider on the internet and I would like to have your labels and back labels in my collection. Is there any chance you could send me a label and back label and collar, for each of your cider varieties: Tradicional Devon, Henry Michelin, Devon Gold, Warhorse Extra, Lightning Jack, Longhouse Mediun…..? if possible my address is:
    Jose Angel Arguelles
    Sagrado Corazón, 38 entresuelo izquierda
    33205 Gijón – Asturias – España

    Please answer my email, in case you can’t send them to me, I won’t bother you anymore.
    Thank you very much and a cordial greeting.

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